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As of January 19th, 2022, we are now using iClassPro for program enrollment and session bookings. Please use the links below to view class schedules, login or sign up for an iClassPro account.

How to Create An Account

Purchase Class program Punch Passes

Purchase Elite Member Punch Passes

Punch Into A Class

How to Purchase Class Program Punch Pass in Iclasspro App

How to Purchase Elite Team Member Punch Pass in Iclasspro App

Punch into a Class using the IClasspro App

HOW TO CREATE FUTURE ABSENCE Multiple Days Using the Iclasspro App

HOW TO CREATE Single ABSENCE Using the Iclasspro App

We are here to help.

Questions, concerns or problems registering? Contact us now!

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Our athletes learn to be outstanding citizens who will grow through character development, leadership and team work. The family environment at Cheer Strong helps our athletes grow not only as individuals but also as members of a team and our community.

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