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Eval Prep Series 2024 – Stunt, Jump and Perform!

Introducing, by popular demand, the Eval Prep Series in anticipation for Season 12 evaluations in May.

This class series aims to assist athletes in readiness for May evaluations, which will determine athlete placement on Cheer Strong Inc.’s season 12 teams. It comprises three distinct focuses: stunting, jumps, and performance. Each focus will have its own session, operating autonomously from the others. The primary emphasis within each aspect will be on technique across all relevant areas.

  1. Stunting Session:
    • Focus on building strength and coordination for executing stunts safely and effectively.
    • Breakdown of various stunting techniques, including basic to advanced partner stunts, group stunts, and pyramids.
    • Emphasis on proper body positioning, hand placement, and communication between teammates.
    • Progression drills to gradually increase difficulty and complexity.
    • Spotting techniques to ensure safety during stunts.
  2. Jumps Session:
    • Techniques for improving jump height, form, and execution.
    • Exercises to strengthen leg muscles and improve flexibility for better jumps.
    • Breakdown of different types of jumps such as toe touches, pike jumps, herkies, and jumps with combinations.
    • Focus on timing, rhythm, and precision in jump execution.
    • Drills to improve jump sequences and transitions between jumps.
  3. Performance Session:
    • Focus on overall performance quality, including facial expressions, energy, and showmanship.
    • Choreography drills to enhance performance routines and sequences.
    • Techniques for engaging with the audience and conveying confidence on the performance floor.
    • Incorporation of dance elements and motion techniques to add flair to routines.
    • Feedback and critique sessions to refine individual performance skills.

Each session should provide athletes with ample opportunities to practice, receive feedback, and improve upon their skills leading up to evaluations in May. Additionally, running each area independently allows athletes to focus on specific areas of weakness or interest, maximizing their training effectiveness.

Please check out the images for detailed registration instructions.


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