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Yeti Fundraising Raffle: Help Support Our Cheer Strong Athletes on Their Road to Florida!

We are thrilled to announce an exciting fundraiser for our Cheer Strong travel teams heading to championship events in Orlando, Florida, this April! This fundraiser is crucial in ensuring that our talented athletes have the support they need to compete at the highest level and represent our community with pride.

Fundraiser Details:

  • Tickets: On sale until April 3rd at 5:00 PM
  • Draw Date: April 3rd at 7:00 PM
  • $10 from each ticket sale will directly support the selected athlete, helping cover travel expenses, accommodation, and competition fees.

Price: $12 per ticket


  • 1st Prize – Yeti Cooler & $250 Gift Card
  • 2nd Prize – Yeti Tumbler & $50 Gift Card
  • 3rd Prize – Yeti Mug & $25 Gift Card

By purchasing a ticket, you not only stand a chance to win fantastic prizes but also contribute directly to the dreams and aspirations of our dedicated cheerleaders. Your support will make a significant difference in their journey to the championships and showcase their hard work and dedication.

Let’s come together as a community to rally behind our Cheer Strong athletes and show them the encouragement and support they deserve. Purchase your tickets today and be part of their journey to success!

Thank you for your generosity and belief in our athletes’ abilities. Together, we can make their dreams a reality!

Proceeds of each ticket sold will be be donated to specific athletes. Please follow the link below to our shop and choose the team and athlete who you would like to support. There are no limits on the number of tickets you can buy!

Fundraising Teams:

Please note that the raffle prizes are consolidated between all participating teams. This means that there is not a separate raffle for each team; instead, all ticket sales contribute to the same pool of prizes.

Fundraising Tip for Athletes:

Make things easier for ticket buyers by getting a direct link for a specific athlete! Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your teams fundraising page (in the Cheer Strong Shop).
  2. Under options, choose the athlete and click “Add to Cart”
  3. View your cart by clicking the cart icon and view cart. On the cart page, copy the link for the raffle product.
  4. Use the link to share to friends and family, or take it a step further and use a QR code generator for even easier sharing!


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