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Change = Chance

Through out this pandemic we have been forced to change and adapt in all aspects of life.

As a business owner it has been challenging to make the necessary changes so that we can continue to provide a service to our families. In an industry where contact and interaction is the basis for everything we do, we have had to make numerous changes daily, weekly and monthly. Going into the gym each day, not knowing if we have to make changes that day or not.

Being a parent, it has brought on it’s own set of challenges. Lockdown and virtual learning each with their own sets of challenges. Most parents use their past life experiences to help guide and teach their children (I know I do), but it’s really hard to do that when we ourselves have never lived through a pandemic of this magnitude.

As a wife, with him working full time and me spending more than 40 hours a week running multiple businesses. We were always on the go, barely having time to talk or sit have a drink or dinner together. Having to learn to really live and be with each other 24/7.

As an individual, it has been difficult. Being a fairly social person, being in lockdown and not having interaction with friends has been isolating. It may seem like I always have it all together, but there are days when I’m feeling hurt, sad and lonely (even though I live in a home full of people).


Through out this pandemic having to change and adapt in all areas of my life has provided opportunities that I didn’t know were there.
As a business owner, all the changes have proven that I have the right people working for me and I have the best families in our cheer family that support us. Provide suggestions to help us, and reach out to let us know we’re doing good. It has provided me the opportunity to work with amazing leaders in our industry and allowed me to create bonds and relationships with those in our community.

As a parent, learning with my daughter instead of just trying to teach her. Having more time to learn more about her and what she is interested in, has been amazing.

As a wife, learning who my husband is now as a person has brought us closer together. Sure there are days when we want to strangle each other lol, but there are more days where we admire each other, laugh and create memories with our daughter.

As an individual, having to slow down has allowed me to really take time to focus on myself, inside and out. doing things that I had stopped doing just because “I didn’t have time” to do it. It felt so good to get back to learning about me, and rediscovering myself.

Not many like change, and I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not big on change, the unknown can be scary. BUT the change doesn’t have to be scary, it can provide opportunity and the chance to learn. Learn about those close to you and learn about you as an individual.

Don’t be afraid of change, you may miss out on the chance of something bigger and better or miss out on the chance to be better.

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