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Are You Up for the Challenge?

I challenge you to try something outside of your comfort zone.

I can try new food, no problem. I love food and I love trying new food.
Try a new activity or sport, sure no problem.
Take a pic or video of myself…NOPE! Hard pass.

Being in front of the camera is not my favourite place to be.
Why am I afraid to be in front of the camera? Because I have it in my head that I don’t look good in pics and videos, I’m too self conscience about my appearance.
But all of this is in MY HEAD. No one ever said I looked bad in pics, or that I was horrible in a video. I just convinced myself of this.

I challenged myself to put myself in front of the camera more often.
And so far when I have, it’s turned out to be ok. All my insecurities and self doubt are in my own head, and not what people are seeing. So I will continue to put myself in front of the camera, in pics and vids, and help my confidence grow in this area.

The more you do something outside of your comfort zone, it will hopefully become a part of your comfort zone and your confidence will grow as you become more comfortable with it.

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