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Welcome to The Strong Life – Mind, Body & Soul

We decided to start this blog to help our families and our community.
Our blog will feature various authors and will offer tips and tricks for everyday life.
We will include everything from at home workouts, to meal prep to managing a busy household. There is no limit to what we will share.What we share may not always be for everyone, but our hope is that sharing what we know and what we have learned will help at least one other person and their family. 


This past year has been a tough one for all of us. A world wide pandemic that stopped everyone’s life and changed life as we knew it. It’s been over a year and most are living in a new normal.


Once of the many things I have learned during this pandemic is about gratitude.

If someone asks you what you are grateful for, most have the same response.
We’re grateful for our health and our family and our job. 

Now what about looking a bit deeper, take something that you would otherwise resent and try to find something good out of it to be grateful for.

As much as I dislike covid and the lockdowns, I’m grateful for the time it gave me to spend with my family. It allowed me to stop and slow down, it allowed me time to create memories with my family that otherwise we would not have had because we were always running around.

When things happen in our lives, stop, take a breath and take a minute and try to find the good.

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