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Make Good Choices!

Anyone who knows me knows my final goodbye is always the reminder of “Make Good Choices” It’s something I heard someone say once and it totally stuck! Some people think it’s totally lame…I always say I’m not cool, I’m cool inspiration! Working with youth and young adults I find it important to leave them with some wisdom and hopefully they will think of me and remember to make a good choice, but I also think it’s important to remember that that they are not always going to make the good choice, I have had conversations with teens who will totally admit “Laurie I so did not make a good choice” and at that point I still call it a win because they recognize that they could have done better and hey maybe the next time they will.

During this ongoing pandemic I’m now reminding myself that I as well need to make good choices and let me tell you it’s so much easier to give advice than to do it yourself! Many times I have wanted to give up a run and just snuggle in and re watch the entire Gilmore Girls series! It so much easier to snack throughout the day without making healthy food choices. But it all comes back to making good choices, and its something that we all are facing everyday no matter or ages, and sometimes on occasion making the good choice is stopping through the drive thru for dinner, or taking the day to yourself and thats okay! Everyone’s situations are different, everyone’s choices are different and its important to make the right choice for you!

So until next time here’s your reminder to Make Good Choices!

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